What About Payments of Fees and Costs

Attorney’s fees are like auto shop charges; your fee is directly related to the complexity of the job.  We have no single fee for all bankruptcy cases.  “Costs” are expenses we pay for services provided by others, such as credit reports and the required credit counseling.

At the initial appointment with your attorney, we will be give you a written quote of our fee for handling your bankruptcy case.  Many of our clients cannot pay the full fee immediately; therefore we offer a payment program.  You can make a down payment on your fee and we will represent you for 6 months, standing between you and your creditors, while you finish payments on your fees and costs.  If you are unable to pay your fees within 6 months we reserve the right to charge extra because we are doing more work than expected.

Once your fees and costs are paid your case will be filed promptly. We can not file a case before the fees are paid because we can not be a creditor.

During the time you are gathering your fee and costs, we work as a team to discourage creditors from harassing you.  Once you have retained us as your attorney I do not want you to talk to your creditors, I want all creditor inquiries to be funneled through my office.  All you do when contacted by a creditor is to tell them you are going to file a bankruptcy case and then give them my name, address, etc. I want them to call me. After that, you are instructed to ignore all calls or communications from creditors.

The effect is most creditors stop trying to collect money from you if they know you have retained an attorney to file a bankruptcy case.


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