What If I Forgot Someone I Owe?

Post Discharge Unlisted Creditors

“They are Toast, but don’t know it yet.”

One question we answer frequently is, “What if I owed someone money and they were not listed in my papers because I forgot about them?”

It isn’t likely that we miss any of your creditors. When we try to find your creditors we pull all your credit reports, we review the bills and statement you bring us, and we probe your memory as to who you might owe.

If despite those efforts we can not find one of your creditors it is not our fault nor your fault. It was the creditor’s fault. If they are not sending bills or reporting to your credit report and we have no way of locating them then that’s their problem.

In that case the creditor’s debt has been discharged; they just did not know about it at the time.

After your discharge, if you receive a bill or letter that you owe a creditor that was not listed in your bankruptcy, all you need to do is send us the letter or bill and we will get rid of the creditor for you. Once notified, they know their debt has been discharged, and any attempt to collect the debt will be a contempt of court charge.

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